To God be the glory

The solo handbell artistry of Christine D. Anderson is world-renowned. With finesse, grace and dexterity, Christine's solo handbell artistry has thrilled audiences in concert halls across the country and around the world. Christine is an exceptional and dynamic musician in every respect. Her music, however, is simply a tool for her tremendous witness for Christ and her deep love for the Lord. She radiates her Christian faith with a heart for ministry. Christine maintains a standard of excellence that is worthy of any concert venue and worship experience.

Christine is a phenomenal musical leader with special insight into to "what could be". She doesn't let difficulties stop her, and not only solves the technical problems before her, but also makes her solutions artistic and beautiful. It is a joy to work with her both because she is simultaneously professional and accessible, and helps others to improve their skills while she demonstrates the wonderful ministry abilities that God has given her to share with the world.

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