For beginning through advanced choirs, individual or massed, solo, ensemble. Topics include advanced techniques, all the 4-in-hand methods, musicality, reading sessions, multiple bell techniques, creative ringing in any worship setting, problem-solving, and how to get started.

***NEW!*** Sessions taught on how to incorporate handbells into a praise team – adapting handbells into contemporary music.


Christine is available to share her solo ringing in Sunday morning worship services, full concerts, weddings, special occasions, handbell dedication services, banquets, and concert series.

Maintenance, Repair, and Refurbishing

Quality refurbishing, repair, and maintenance performed on 2-6 octaves of handbells. Your bells will be returned in mint condition. Services performed:

  1. Disassembly of handbells for complete cleaning and checking for worn or broken parts
  2. Repair or replacement of broken or worn parts
  3. Repair of mechanical problems
  4. Thorough cleaning and polishing of entire bell
  5. Adjustment of clapper tension
  6. Re-voicing of bell
  7. Vacuum inside of handbell cases (if possible)
  8. Written evaluation and suggestions for future care and maintenance

Prices: Contact Christine for pricing.


  1. Deliver/ship bells to my home
  2. I can do the work at your location ~ in a hotel room, not at a church.

The customer must purchase, and have on hand before refurbishing starts: replacement parts for any cracked or broken handles, handguards, clappers, & springs. Malmark customers must purchase a complete set of restraining springs, making sure to order TWO springs for every bell.


  1. Expert refurbishing and maintenance from a highly qualified technician, who is also a professional handbell conductor and concert solo artist.
  2. Saves time - no need to be without your handbells for weeks while they are being repaired. 2-5 octaves may be finished in 2 days.
  3. Saves shipping and insurance costs and the hassle of boxing up bells for shipment, if I do the work on site.