Accolades: "Voices of Praise"

What they have said about:

Refurbishing jobs:

This is by far the most comprehensive refurbishing job I’ve ever seen. I really appreciate your commentary below, because it impresses upon us how important it is to care for our bells. It seems to me that all of us (myself included) have been very negligent. So, your e-mail is a teaching tool and a “wake up call” for us. Thank you for your time, attention to detail and the excellent workmanship. It’s obvious to me that you know the inner workings of handbells in great detail. Perhaps that is one more reason that you are such an excellent solo handbell artist!

Jeff Weiss, Minister of Music
Clear Lake UMC
Clear Lake, Texas

Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend. We are still talking about it. It has been such an honor to work with such a gifted and talented believer who is superior at her art form. The suggestions are in place. I am beginning to adjust the other two-octave set after discovering the wrench was missing again.

The ringers are somewhat in shock concerning the bells. They know they are different. They have rung them for so long with the needed adjustments that they don't know what to say. When one of the children saw the bells on the table, they asked if we purchased new ones? My answer was yes indeed. They are new! This Sunday we will perform using them for the first time. It will also be the first time for the chimes. I look forward to hearing what the audience has to say.

The ensemble's consistent compliment was the bells are so easy to ring. Their rehearsals the last two weeks have gone well and they are beginning to show signs of performance ability. Thank you for your insights and the bell adjustments. I look forward to working with you in the future. It has been such an privilege to have meet you and discovered a new friend.

Jerry Hill
First Baptist Church
Alexandria, VA

Festival Clinician:

The Association of Disciples Musicians invited Christine to be the handbell clinician for our annual conference. Our week long event opened with Christine’s handbell concert, and her musical excellence set the bar for our entire conference. Christine interjected Scripture and shared personal experiences that brought special meaning to her presentations. It was glorious music, visual arts, spiritual application, personal interaction, and humor all woven together into a glorious tapestry that embraced and endeared her to her audience.

Christine held multiple bell classes each day through the week, working with ringers and directors from all levels of experience. With many options available through the week, Christine’s sessions were always full. Her pupils participated in our daily worship services and her bell ringers opened our final concert. When depth, meaning, and musical excellence is blended with fun, joy, and laughter . . . . God’s presence wears a smile!

Greg Nunn, President
Association of Disciples Musicians

This past Saturday was the annual Spring Ring held at Valley Church in Cupertino, CA. Christine Anderson was our clinician - always a great delight to work with! Christine proved once again that she's a powerhouse in a petite package, taking the podium with confidence
and poise - as well as a great sense of humor and rapport with the ringers under her direction. I highly recommend her to anyone planning a festival!

-Michèle Sharik
Bay Area, California

I wanted to email you and tell you what an outstanding job I thought you did in Fredericksburg. I thought you were at your peak - excellent musicianship, chock-full of "here's an idea" - gave ringers and directors lots of practical suggestions to take home, great rehearsal personality sparked with humor, and spiritual and inspiring as well. You have such a gift for this! With my schedule constraints before and after, the reason I went to Fredericksburg this year was because you were the clinician, and I wasn't disappointed! I hope we will "get you" again as soon as a couple of years have elapsed!

Cindy Haskett
First Baptist Church
Houston, Texas

I just attended the festival in Fredericksburg and did not get the chance to say "thank you". You are a wonderful teacher, beyond talented musician, and a great leader. I really enjoyed my time under your instruction. I am a 5-year member of The Lakeshore Ringers from Lakeshore Drive Baptist. I learned more than I ever thought I could, and I really appreciate your passion. God bless you and your ministry.

Gabrielle Pace
Weatherford, Texas

Mrs. Anderson is a world-renowned handbell solo ringer, but her ability to lead a large handbell workshop of many handbell choirs is exceptional. Just as she relates in her one-on-one instructions with solo ringers, she equally relates to a large room packed with five octave handbell choirs. Her tips for clean ringing and handbell technique relay musicianship and creativity. Any handbell choir or any level and experience learn from Mrs. Anderson own skills.

Music Director
First UMC
Vero Beach, Florida

Concert Performances:

Christine Anderson brings a new meaning to handbell performance. Her skill, interpretation and balletic performances leave one breathless and inspired. Her technique is flawless and her concerts nothing short of dazzling. A must for any church music program!

Paul Leddington-Wright
Music Director/Choral Conductor
Coventry Cathedral
Coventry, England

Christine, I have seen you perform at various festivals...SEE, Area II, etc. Last night I was once again thrilled with your skills and personable presentation in Rome. What a fabulous gift you have and how wonderful that you credit it to our Lord. You have truly inspired me and made me realize how fortunate I am to share the art of handbell ringing with others Thank you for being so genuine and spiritually open. I was moved to tears by your musical presentation and your words of faith.

Rene Hebert
Cazenovia, New York

If you haven't been to one of Christine Anderson's spectacular concerts, you haven't heard the true sound of handbells at their best. If you have been to one of her concerts, and listened to her sweet voice, you were able to detect that she spends much time with Jesus. It's as if Christine's concerts lift us up to the Heavenly Kingdom with the glorious music she plays, and the stimulating spiritual encouragement she gives. Her concerts are like none other, because Christine is like none other. Clearly, her giftedness is "from Him and through Him and to Him be the glory forever! (Romans 11:36)

Donna Morley, author
Co-founder of Faith and Reason Forum

Christine Anderson is the single, most proficient handbell ringer in the USA; and that's the truth! If you are looking for a unique musical presentation from someone who has a heart for ministry, Christine is your answer. She is the best!

Paul T. Plew Ed. D.
Chairman, Music Department
The Master's College
Santa Clarita, California

Christine Anderson is a sparkling and incredibly gifted solo handbell ringer
who is a delight to watch. She has impeccable technique while ringing with
grace and musicianship and I am honored to have the opportunity to work with her as an accompanist and co-writer.

Anna Laura Page
Composer, Conductor
Sherman, Texas

“You have to see it to believe it!”, was the response to Christine Anderson’s solo performance in our Gala Concert. Her sparkling performances, energetic personality and experience and knowledge in handbells make her not only an excellent performer, but an enthusiastic and patient teacher as well. Add to this her sincere love for Christ and experience in Church Music. I would highly encourage you to make her a part of your next concert or workshop.

Shirley Reymond, Coordinator, Church Music Explosion
Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
Fort Lauderdale, Florida